Ксения Лапина


Marketing Director "Pervyy poligraficheskiy kombinat" LLC

NCL has been our contractor for years now! And to say that we are satisfied - to say nothing! We have a service contract for the provision of the CTP service, an unlimited tariff ensures departure on demand and out of turn to us, which ensures the continuity of our processes and machines, which in turn leads to the quality of our services. The laser head is the most expensive element that can be broken and insured by us, NCL change quickly and efficiently. And in the same contract free software update. Recently, NCL also began to supply us with Sonora X process plates, which we presented together to our customers at the significant event 19.12 at our plant. Today we are happy with everything. What can I say, comprehensive solutions for printing companies from NCL provide really high-quality and professional performance of all processes at all stages of prepress preparation - from software and equipment to consumables and service. Well-coordinated team of high-class specialists with a wealth of experience in the printing industry. The generator of ideas, the leader and simply charming woman Ekaterina Makeicheva, director of NCL, deserves a special praise. The entire team of First Polygraphic has long been in love with her ability to negotiate, generate ideas and hear the needs of the client. Definitely - we recommend to cooperate.

Алексей Оборин

Alexey Oborin

Production Director Pareto-Print

We wish the company NCL good luck in new endeavors and look forward to further fruitful cooperation! Our company has been working with NTsL for many years. In 2009, the fastest fully automatic VLF format complex (Very Large Format) was installed on the territory of the Russian Federation (Kodak Magnus VLF MCU with automatic loading on 4 plate formats). The equipment proved to be very good and stable. Based on the experience with this equipment, speed and quality of service response, in 2011, when discussing the second line of Ctp, a choice was made in the direction of the NCL company and another similar complex Kodak Magnus VLF was acquired. The reliability of this equipment is very important for us, since the printing park of the company has 55 printing units and literally 4 hours of a simple one of the lines, results in a simple printing park. Any equipment has malfunctions, failures, and the question is how quickly the supplier eliminates them. It is very convenient that all questions can be asked "in one window" - on the equipment itself, on consumables and on technology. This saves time and reduces potential costs.

Данилова Т.Д.

Danilova T.D.

Chief Specialist in Business Development “Arvato”

Yaroslavl Printing Plant, part of the concern arvato Bertelsmann, has always been distinguished by increased attention to the quality of products. More than two hundred publishers are happy to use the services of the YAP for the manufacture of books in hard and soft binding, brochures of various design and sheet advertising products.

If Russian readers conduct an audit of their libraries, they will easily find that every tenth book was produced in our enterprise. We are proud that our printing plant makes a significant contribution to the cultural development of Russia and is one of the leading producers of books and brochures in our country.

But in order for the book to turn out to be of decent quality, it is necessary to pay special attention to all stages of printing production. And an important role is played in this technology of manufacturing printed forms. That is why, when choosing the equipment for prepress processes, the YAP leadership decided to purchase the first installation of Creo Trendsetter VLF 5467 F in 2004, and 4 years later another Heidelberg Creo Trendsetter TS8 3244 VF. And last year we updated the developing equipment - now the Kodak T - 1250 development processor is constantly working on the CtP site. Simultaneously with the acquisition of the first semi-automatic, the Kodak Prinergy System software was also purchased.

Now our specialists hardly recall those times when making molds was a laborious process consisting of a whole chain of operations. With the appearance of Kodak equipment at the Yaroslavl Printing Plant, you should not worry about the output of forms - the CtP section works quickly and efficiently, timely supplying printing machines with a repetitive set of forms.

All these years, Kodak equipment has been supplied by NC Logistic LLC, whose specialists took due care of the tasks voiced before them and not only selected installations with the required characteristics, but also assumed their regular maintenance. If you have urgent questions about the operation of the equipment, employees can significantly save time using remote maintenance access.

In addition, NCL has long been a supplier of thermal plates for UPC. Over the years of cooperation, we were able to choose the best price-quality option when choosing plates, and we can be sure that the plates used will withstand the necessary print resistance and ensure a stable print quality. But we do not stand still and are ready for new experiments.

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