Ксения Лапина


Marketing Director "Pervyy poligraficheskiy kombinat" LLC

NCL has been our contractor for years now! And to say that we are satisfied - to say nothing! We have a service contract for the provision of the CTP service, an unlimited tariff ensures departure on demand and out of turn to us, which ensures the continuity of our processes and machines, which in turn leads to the quality of our services. The laser head is the most expensive element that can be broken and insured by us, NCL change quickly and efficiently. And in the same contract free software update. Recently, NCL also began to supply us with Sonora X process plates, which we presented together to our customers at the significant event 19.12 at our plant. Today we are happy with everything. What can I say, comprehensive solutions for printing companies from NCL provide really high-quality and professional performance of all processes at all stages of prepress preparation - from software and equipment to consumables and service. Well-coordinated team of high-class specialists with a wealth of experience in the printing industry. The generator of ideas, the leader and simply charming woman Ekaterina Makeicheva, director of NCL, deserves a special praise. The entire team of First Polygraphic has long been in love with her ability to negotiate, generate ideas and hear the needs of the client. Definitely - we recommend to cooperate.

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