Дмитрий Борисович Лаврик

Dmitry Borisovich Lavrik

director of printing house LLC firm "ALPHA-DESIGN"

Alpha-Design Printing House operates CID Kodak Magnus 800 Quantum, which was established by LLC NC Logistic in 2006. CTP works with automatic submission of forms and stekher using process-free technology, providing high-quality and fast withdrawal of forms, which significantly reduces printing time. Our experts highly appreciate the quality, reliability of the equipment, as well as the high level of training of the specialists of the service company NC Logistic.

Леонов Александр Владимирович

Leonov Alexander Vladimirovich

Director of the company "Luxupak"

With such a foundation and innovations, it remains to be expected from the Luxup company to conquer all the new peaks in the printing business!

Lyuksupak company in the city of Tver has long been considered a stable and progressive manufacturer of cardboard packaging. For the main direction of the printing house, the manufacture of a simple mass production of paper and cardboard, as well as luxury brand packaging was initially chosen. Orders became more complex with a large proportion of expensive finishing operations. There is no doubt that to solve the tasks it is necessary to use modern technologies in the printing business and the more perfect they are, the higher the company can keep the bar. Thus, high-speed SBL folding machines, automatic punching presses SBL, a unique KBA printing machine with the ability to print on any surface and apply almost any varnish using a solid or selective method appeared on the production site of Luxup LLC. With the launch of such a class of printing machine, there is a huge potential for highly artistic printing, which is currently unattainable without the use of modern digital technologies. The question of pre-press preparation, and, more precisely, the rejection of the traditional method of manufacturing printing plates and the transition to the CTP form, became topical. To this end, scrupulous work was carried out to select the manufacturer and supplier of this equipment.

After the analysis of potential suppliers, the choice fell on the equipment of the Kodak company, whose representative in Russia is NC Logistic. In this regard, Luxup has once again become a pioneer by choosing a completely new СtР model - Kodak Achieve. After signing the contract for the supply of СtР Kodak, the NCL company in a short time brought and installed the equipment within the walls of the printing house. Staff training took literally 15 minutes, after which forms printed on the Kodak device began to arrive at the print site. The result was obvious: excellent printing, accurate color reproduction, an ideal raster dot, no garbage on the image, which is present in the traditional method of exposure. Special attention should be paid to the Kodak software, its reasonableness, user-friendly interface and ease of use. After almost a year of experience in operating the Ctp device, Kodak did not have a single technical problem, which confirms the reliability of this equipment and the correctness of the choice of the Lyukepak printing house.

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