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NCL is a complete business solution for printing companies. NCL is a team of highly qualified specialists with wealth of experience in the printing industry. We aim all our efforts to get the best results of your printing business. You can contact us at any time on any issue

The company NCL («NC Lodgistic») was founded in 2008 due to structural changes in the company Nissa Centrum. The company’s management decided to transfer all consumables in direction of «NC Lodgistic». It is allowed to optimize the business processes in accordance with the requirements of the market. In 2014 the company NCL took place structural changes. Now we trying to expand the range of services provided. In particular, the company NCL took over all activities related to Kodak's business in the Russian market of printing services.

NCL is now something like "one-stop service" for Kodak’s customers in the Russian printing market. We provide our customers with equipment, consumables and software and perform service of equipment and software.

We appreciate all our partners — companies Trelleborg, GMG, Glunz & Jensen, Techno-GrafiCa, Beil, Nela and etc. These companies are also leading producers in the global market of hardware and software for the printing industry.

NCL has 4 brunches with individual warehouses and transport channels in the largest cities of Russia. Our offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. Network of offices allows us to be close to our clients and supply products in the right quantities and in a certain time frame. It is also helps to swiftly implement service.

About us

«We have become more flexible. Now we can be much more active in the field of complex offers: plates and CtP, CtP and software solutions, plates and service — like combinations can be many.»

Екатерина Макеичева

Ekaterina Makeicheva

CEO «NC Lodgistic Ltd»
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